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November 9-15, 2019


Arthur Findlay College

The Way of the Medium Arthur Findlay College

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Time & Location

November 9-15, 2019

Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Burton End, Stansted CM24 8UD, UK

About the event

Course 44A 2019

(09 Nov - 15 Nov 2019)

The Way of the Medium


unfolding your mediumistic and spiritual potential.

Join Andrew for an exciting course of empowerment and exploration of The Self and The Spirit for all levels of experience with an excellent team of dynamic, knowledgeable and inspiring tutors. This week will move you to become the best that you can be within the unfoldment of your mediumship and within the power of your being.

Our lives are journeys of discovery and yet many of us miss the magic that is right before us. Within us is a great and infinite power, yet this power often goes unnoticed and unrealised.

Our Ancestors and Pioneers recognised our Oneness with The Divine and their lives were an expression of The Grace and Presence of The Spirit. It is time for us to realise this once more!

True Mediumship moves you! It changes you! It is healing and empowering! It is who you are!

‘Our Mission is to Spiritualise The World. To turn the attention of The World inwards to the Immortality of The Soul’.

~ Gordon Higginson.

Mediumship is not a destination! It is a continuing expression of who we are in the here and now…powered through The Soul…it is moving with Grace, blending with The Seen and The Unseen Worlds, and being what is needed within the rhythm of the moment. It is also being of a rational and disciplined mind.

This week will allow you to experience the true expression of your authentic self. You will develop a greater understanding of your genuine spiritual and mediumistic potential and expand your ability to work within The Spirit world and this world. It will also give you an enhanced awareness of who you are and help you to find balance within mind, body and spirit.

Wherever you are within your ability and experience, this course will help you to recognise your divine birthright within the journey of The Medium and your expression within The Will of The Soul. This will allow you to step into the potential of being the best that you can be.

You have been called….How will you answer?

Recognise The Divine Spirit within you.

Step forward and embrace The Way of The Medium.

It’s who you are!

If you have any questions about this course please contact

Within this course is a rare not to be missed opportunity of working experientially with two pioneers in the fields of awareness, altered states of consciousness and reality.

Students attending The Way of the Medium will be able to listen to an inspiring and educational talk from Dr Dirk Proeckl and Dr Engelbert Winkler regarding Lucia no.3 (a light machine) and its relationship to reality and near death experiences. We will also have individual light sessions for every student which will be monitored personally by the doctors.

Dr. Dirk Proeckl is a neurologist and psychologist with his own medical practice in Wörgl, Tyrol, Austria. He focuses on the interaction between the psyche and the nervous system and has studied psychosomatic rehabilitation of migraines, the distribution of neurotransmitters within the central nervous system, and the epileptic potentials in the electroencephalogram.

Dr. Engelbert Winkler is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, and legal consultant for children and youth with his own practice in Wörgl, Tirol, Austria. He studied philosophy, pediatrics and psychology in Innsbruck, and completed further studies in existential analysis, hypnotherapy and other disciplines.

The Lucia No.03 hypnagogic light machine provides a deep nervous system relaxation while simultaneously providing a unique transcendental journeying experience. Novice meditators (using the light for the first time) experience a state of deep relaxation coupled with focus, where one is in touch with their own intuition and sense of wholeness.

White light passes through closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland, and creates a visual experience of one’s own design. The inner consciousness of the traveller produces scenes of indescribable beauty. Music enhances the experience as the mind combines the two stimuli, generating synaesthesia – the experience of seeing music.

The Lucia no.03 offers the benefits of deep meditation through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns in the brain usually only found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps the user access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and high concentration. The user may experience a dissolution of the sensation of time and/or transcendence of the physical body.


Andrew Manship




Mixed Level


Andrew Manship

Eileen Davies

Guest Tutors


Number of Nights: 6

Arrive after 3pm for 5pm

Start on Saturday 09th November 2019

Depart after breakfast on

Friday 15th November 2019

Prices are per person and based on Shared Basic Accommodation

Price: £580.00

Course Supplement £30.00


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