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Before contacting Eileen here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions
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  • Does Eileen do private sittings for mediumship?
    Please note Eileen is not currently offering private sittings but she can recommend the following at this link
  • Can anyone develop Mediumistic abilities?
    The answer lies in the realisation that it is important to first know yourself and to recognise the spirit as our true self which is eternal. Because our essential nature is Spirit, it is within everyones capacity to communicate but "with some people the ability is simply nearer the surface than others" - Gladys Osbourne Leonard. Learning the mental discipline of meditation, understanding the significance of the power and how it may be developed is all very relevant to the development of mediumistic abilities. To comprehend what real prayer is, as a moving of ones inner self to union with the Divine and liberate the inner voice of the eternal. To do this, creates a power and cultivates a deep abiding presence. As true spiritual mediumship cannot be manufactured but revealed!
  • What is the purpose of Mediumship?
    The purpose of mediumship is to prove the continuity of the human spirit; to reveal the truth that death is not the end. The ability to communicate is an inherent natural faculty available to all. Irrespective of belief of religious background and spreaks in a universal language of love, that we are all one. Mediumistic communication meets a need of both those in the spirit world and those still here, as a medium may provide an opportunity to express thoughts and feelings sometimes left unsaid to bring the soothing balm of comfot and the gift of hope. Often those in the spirit world on realising they are still very much alive, have an innate desire to communicate to their their loved ones to let them know they have not died. That they are still themselves; thinking, feeling and loving us still, just the way they always did when they were physically present. Death cannot destory that which never dies. A medium is a bridge between heaven and earth, a human telephone uniting those who love together once more.

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Eileen Davies

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