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School of Mediumistic Development

New dates announced. 
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Whether you are just starting out on your mediumship journey or are already working as a medium,

giving one to one sittings or even demonstrating, it is important to understand how your mediumship functions through you, the unique individual you are!


These teaching modules are structured to meet the need of the student at different stages of development. Each module is interactive and all include learning the importance and value of meditation and sitting in the power. There will also be lectures on different aspects of mediumship to facilitate a deeper comprehension of your own abilities.


All Classes are done online via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link to access the class once paid & registered. 


Groups for 2024

Module 1 - Intermediate level

  • Deepening the blending.

  • Building a rapport with the spirit.

  • Getting to know your communicator. The art of being able to relay precise, factual information with clarity.

  • Developing the ability to hear, see, and feel the spirit.

  • Refining and perfecting your abilities.

  • Expanding possibility and belief.

  • Improve one to one sittings.

  • Meeting the sitter and the spirit with loving awareness.

  • Being the best you can be. Knowing when are you ready to work with the public, knowing when you are good enough.

  • The next steps in development.

Dates for Intermediate Level Group - 7pm to 9pm

  • Monday 27th May

  • Monday 10th June

  • Monday 24th June

  • Monday 8th July

  • Monday 15th July

  • Monday 29th July

Module 2 - Experienced level

This group is designed for those who are already working with their mediumship or have previously attended the Intermediate group and have now reached a competent level and can sustain the connection with the spirit, yet still wish to improve existing abilities.


  • Refining your abilities.

  • The art of demonstrating and how to maintain the power.

  • Experimenting with your mediumship to cultivate trust.

  • Developing a deeper relationship with your spirit team.

  • Clairaudience and the art of inner listening.

Dates for Experienced Group - 7pm to 9pm 

  • Sunday 26th May

  • Sunday 9th June

  • Sunday 23rd June

  • Sunday 7th July

  • Sunday 14th July

  • Sunday 28th July

Module 3 - Trance Mediumship

  • Dispelling the myths.

  • What is genuine trance mediumship? 

  • When is it your subconscious mind or the spirit? 

  • Learning to surrender and freeing the mind from doubt.

  • Cultivating your relationship with the spirit and your team of helpers.

  • What can and does facilitate genuine trance?

Dates for Trance Group - 7pm to 9pm

  • Tuesday 28th May

  • Tuesday 11th June

  • Tuesday 25th June

  • Tuesday 9th July

  • Tuesday 16th July

  • Tuesday 30th July

Please note, the start times listed are for the UK, please check the correct time zone for your country - click here

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Eileen Davies

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