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with Eileen

"a medium should not only develop the gift of their mediumship but the power of their own spirit"

INTENSIVE MENTORING - "Mediumship with Meaning"

A year long program, meeting one Saturday a month covering, 'cultivating spirituality in your mediumship'. Throughout the course, you will have set goals to achieve:

  • Exploring how it is possible to relay deeper levels of communication, which convey emotional significance.

  • Ways to refine evidential mediumship and give precise information.

  • Learn how to form new patterns within your mediumship, which will facilitate the ability to convey the rich and diverse spirit communicators, to share their story.

  • Do a presentation on a pioneer of Spiritualism.

  • Participate in arranged demonstrations to invited guests.

  • Give at least four private sittings to arranged sitters, each month.

  • Explore spiritual practices from other religious traditions.

  • Study spiritual teachers and mystics from comparative religions.

  • Experience creativity through mediumship and the power of inspiration. 

  • How to become a motivational, inspirational speaker.

  • Discuss topics such as, responsibility, ethics, and philosophy, embracing the challenges that present themselves throughout your mediumsistic journey. In a supportive environment, at the end of every session. 


This specialized course is to help encourage the naturalness of your mediumistic expression for mediums and teachers of the future. Do you care enough to raise the standards of tomorrow? 

This course recognizes, as mediums we never stop learning, the journey never ends and requires commitment and dedication to reach your potential.


This is a ten month course to start in 2023, course dates are below. All groups run from 2pm to 7pm UK time. To check your time zone, click here

Sat 21 January

Sat 18 February

Sat 11 March

Sat 8 April

Sat 13 May

Sat 10 June

Sat 15 July

Sat 16 September

Sat 21 October

Sat 18 November


Please enquire for price using the button below.

Eileen Davies

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