with Eileen

"a medium should not only develop the gift of their mediumship but the power of their own spirit"

Eileen has recently started an online mentoring programme which enables students to be taught and encouraged to achieve their best in a safe environment without feeling pressured or judged.


Working together in this manor highlights any existing strengths within the individual and also areas which may need improving. Eileen will teach the meaning of attunement and the relevance of sitting in the power, and will help you understand the important role spirituality plays in relation to the unfoldment of your mediumistic powers. She will help you to gain confidence within yourself, allowing the natural expression of your mediumship to blossom.  
Mentoring is structured a
round the specific needs of the individual and enables a deepened understanding of how we each respond to the presence of the spirit in a totally unique way. Throughout the programme there will be opportunities to work with others and put into practise everything learned.

  • Personal development

  • Psychic development

  • Mediumship development

  • Understanding yourself

  • Understanding the power

  • Understanding of the Spirit World


Eileen is one of the UK’s leading mediums – join her for an educational mentoring experience to remember.

This is a unique opportunity to obtain regular coaching, tutoring and mentoring with the highly acclaimed medium Eileen Davies. Eileen has many years experience in this field and teaches regularly at the Arthur Findlay College, Kingswells House, Banyan Retreat and travels world wide.

If interested in this special mentorship programme with one of the most accurate and caring mediums around, please email to arrange payment and secure your mentorship spot. 

Eileen Davies