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How to speak from the heart and touch hearts

Learn the Art of Inspired Speaking

Saturday 18th May 5:00 - 8:00 pm UK Time

Online Event


Eileen Davies

 A practical workshop on learning the art of inspired speaking.

Philosophy is said to be the illumination of the spiritualists movement. Through the grace and power of the spoken word, there exists the potential to transform.

Inspirational Speaking must come from the heart, only then does it have the capacity to touch the heart of another.


If you have an inner desire to allow the inner voice of inspiration to be expressed. Then this workshop may be of help to you.


*How to cultivate presence and allow the flow of inspiration to move through you.

*Learn the language of the mystics and poets.

*How to speak with confidence.

Cost for this workshop is £45

To register please use this form - we will reach out later via email for payment details.

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Eileen Davies

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