“Mediumistic powers are not so much developed as they are revealed. When we recognise our true nature and we begin to remove all the conditioning that prevents us recognising them as an integral part of who we are as spiritual beings"

- Eileen Davies


Intensive Mentoring



A year long program, meeting one Saturday a month


£12.99 plus £2.50 p&p U.K 
£3.80 p&p EU
£5.50 p&p USA
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The mediumistic work cards are designed to help the expansion of your mediumship by introducing new possibilities and ways of experiencing the communication.

Before you begin, choose a card. Each card has a suggestion, setting the intent to receive information in a different way, using different spiritual powers of awareness, eg; Clairaudience or Clairvoyance and a specific task.

Ideal for groups and workshops as a teaching aid! To help develop your mediumship.

Mastery of Mediumship Cards 


Order Eileen's new book!

"Mediumship Touching The Stars"

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This insightful book is a journey into the heart of mediumstic experience, an offering of love crystallised from years of dedication to the spirit world.


Mediumship is as much about the discovery of our own self, as it is the ability to communicate with other realms. At the very least it enriches our perception and is the illumination of the soul, where we learn to engage with life through human experience and glimpse the eternal.


Anyone seeking to understand more fully the nature and purpose of mediumship and comprehend how your mediumstic awareness functions, will be enlightened by the contents. All aspects of awareness and communication, from perceiving the aura and the mysticism of colour. To improving active mediumship, including trance states. 

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Eileen Davies is one of the most well-respected mediums in the U.K. and abroad. She is known for her accuracy and specificity in her mental mediumship demonstrations and one-to-one readings- giving detailed heart centered evidence of survival. She is highly valued for her personal integrity and humility. She's an exceptional trance medium and cherished for her nurturing way with her students, freeing them from their own blocks and self imposed limitations. Having served the Spirit world for 30+ years she is a wellspring of wisdom and experience. She is a course organizer at the Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College and the Trustee and Principle of Kingswells House Aberdeen.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

- Rumi

Private sittings

I am often asked if I have time for private mediumship sittings but with my busy schedule, I have little time to offer them.


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Eileen Davies